Hi, I'm Sarah

a 35 year old Virgo & mom of 3 boys (ages 12, 8 & 6) I love small town living, and our house out in the woods, it feels like the perfect place to raise a bunch of wild boys. I also love traveling, food, & binging netflix.

I consider myself an "In-the-moment" photographer. I don't believe in perfect images. I'm not going to heavily pose you & your family. I love the authentic candid moments and REAL laughs and smiles that come from tickles & telling secrets- not from "say cheese". I strive to get genuine connections and use movement & amazing lighting to get the best results. I will not be stopping for a hair out of place or checking between every shot to see if your outfit is laying just right. So many missed moments come from intervening too much. My style is very laid back-go with the flow.

I’m asked a lot how I ended up in this profession, what school did I go to for photography? Who trained me? How many years have I been at it? I get a lot of surprised reactions when I tell people I was never trained for photography (completely self taught) & that I attended 5 years of college in the medical field, followed by 3 years working with Pediatric, Internal Medicine & Family physicians as their Medical Assistant.

I've been a professional photographer for 9 years.

I've photographed over 80 weddings, and work with approximately 300 families per year.

I have always had a love for photography. I remember playing with cameras as a child (back when we used film) and even posing my friends & setting up random photoshoots in my room using sheets & shower curtains for backdrops. It wasn’t really until I was pregnant with my 2nd son that I realized I really wanted to do this for a living and be with my kids full time. I was determined to do anything successfully to keep me home raising my own kids!

In this short time I’ve learned so much about photography, running a business, & most importantly myself . Not everyone loves what they do, and I am so fortunate that I’ve found a career I love.

I think what makes my career most exciting is the versatility of it all. I’m one who gets bored unless things are constantly changing, which is why photography is perfect, but is also challenging. As a photographer my schedule is never the same day to day, monthly, or yearly. And the work I’m doing as well as location completely changes day to day, sometimes hour to hour. Always seeing someone and something new session to session. Capturing weddings, families, births, children, seniors, real estate, even animals, definitely never gets boring for me!



“Sarah has been photographing our family from the very beginning of her career back in 2014! We have many sessions yearly with Sarah and her work only continues to get more amazing! Not only is she awesome with my children, she also helps me coordinate colors of outfits and takes the stress out of getting that perfect family photo! Every single time she does her magic and provides me with the images I had envisioned! “You don’t take a photograph, you make it”!”